Current working papers:

Bailouts, Bail-ins and Banking Crises, with Yuilyan Mitkov, October 2017.

See also: Presentation slides

Managing Aggregate Liquidity: The Role of a Central Bank Digital Currency, with Daniel Sanches. February 2018.

See also: Presentation slides

Earlier version of paper: Aggregate Liquidity Management, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Working Paper 16-32, November 2016.

Floor systems and the Friedman rule: The fiscal arithmetic of open market operations, with Antoine Martin and Jamie McAndrews. Federal Reserve Bank of New York Staff Report No. 754, December 2015.

See also: Presentation slides

Work in progress:

Transparency vs. Ambiguity in Bailout Policy (with Ok Lee)

Private sunspots (with Yuliyan Mitkov)

Older unpublished work:

Liquidity Crises and Discount Window Lending: Theory and Implications for the Dollarization Debate, with Gaetano Antinolfi, Centro de Investigacion Economica Discussion Paper 00-02, ITAM, September 2000.